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Beware!!! Ashford Labs and Ankit Agarwal - cheaters from India

Be very careful! The company Ashford Labs Pvt. Ltd. and a person who's name is Ankit Agarwal - both are cheaters! Ankit Agarwal announce himself as a director of Ashford Labs Pvt. Ltd.  We got numerous evidences that Ankit Agarwal and Ashford Labs Pvt. Ltd. fraud customers and steal their money!


Ankit Agarwal - managing director of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is scammer and liar. Beware!Whose face you are seeing here? Right! This is scammer. His name is Ankit Agarwal and he is managing director of the swindle "company" Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Below we'll tell you how Ankit Agarwal steal money of customers. So you are warn!

The main idea of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is make you think that this is stable large company with many workers, own manufacture etc. As a next step to get from you as much possible money as they can. You'll never see the money no more. In addition, products too.

Of course, at the beginning Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. maybe fulfill some small orders. This is common approach of all scammers to trap future victim. However, final result will be the same for all of you - you'll lose.

The person, which face you are seeing - Ankit Agarwal - is absolute liar - no honor, no sense of conscience.

What was described one of customer who transferred them $1200 for first order, hoping find trust and stable company.

At first conversations, Ankit Agarwal will ready to meet all your demand, reply fast and promptly to all your questions. His mouth will be like a machine gun, promising best terms and conditions, best prices and service. Each you ask was immediately replied by him favorite phrase "Noticed with thanks!"

But after transferring money to Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. you'll be forgot.

How Ankit Agarwal and Ashford Laboratories cheat customers

The behavior of this person depends on situation.

First way of scamming by Ankit Agarwal

According statements of our visitors, if Ankit Agarwal feel that you can place orders on more money, he can fulfill first several orders to rip off you later on big sum. For this goal, he use miscellaneous tricks. For example, he can send something (maybe even a shit in parcels - who know!) but intentionally not by way, you agreed before. Or without documents that allow clear custom. You may even don't know that shipment arrived to your country as expected notice from other transport service you agreed before. Of course, shipment will be returned back to Ankit Agarwal.

Now he'll charge you in this situation. Moreover, that he will not have deal with you. On relevant question to refund money back, you'll get silence. You can call, write to Ankit Agarwal, but you'll not get back no cent. Just silence.

Second way of scamming by Ankit Agarwal

In other cases Ankit Agarwal after getting your money, we'll disappear for a weeks or months. When you call to him, you'll get just answer: "Call later!" Ankit Agarwal's lie will be the same as of other scammers: their company had a trouble, or they was busy on accountancy etc. etc.

Time to time he'll promise you, that personally control shipment for you and even will send you pictures taken from real shipment to your address. Once again - this is lie!  You'll not get nor money, nor products.

Finally they'll stop respond you by any way at all.

Third way how Ankit Agarwal steal your maney

Some persons informed us about of another way of scamming by Ankit Agarwal and Ashford Laboratories.  There are some popular in past and forbidden currently for their deadly results drigs. For example, tegaserod. The customers are serching this drugs all over the world, as most countries forbid thушк manufacture. In such cases Ankit Agarwal and Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) promise customers supply Tagon-2 (blister 10 tab х 2 mg tegaserod) or Tagon-6 (blister 10 tab х 6 mg tegaserod), that also  forbidden in India!

Cutomers not knwing this fact transfer money to Ankit Agarwal and Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India). And, of course, di dnot get nor drugs, not own money back!

The ways how these swindlers Ankit Agarwal and Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) can steal your money maybe totaly different. So best way is - avoid any contacts with Ankit Agarwal and Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India)! They are fraud!

We would like inform all victims of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. and Ankit Agarwal, that now we collect information about their fraud activity. Please report us about all cases related them.

We are starting large scale campaign against Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. and Ankit Agarwal and other co-founders of this scam company. Also all information about them and your reports we'll be send to Mumbai police departments and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of India.

Within a couple weeks we'll also contact with all who known with this scammers (persons and companies) according LinkedIn, Facebook and other sources  to warn them about scam.

We strongly ask all former workers of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. provide us any information they know about fraud activity, fraud drugs and other illegal activity of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. and Ankit Agarwal or other headers of the company.

Known contact details of that person and Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd . - include in your blacklist!:
31/36, 5th Floor, Dheeraj Heritage,
S. V. Road, Santacruz (West),
Mumbai (Bombay) - 400 054. India.

Tele- fax : + 91 22 6675 8866

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Report us about Ashford Labs cheats

Report us about scam activity of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) - scam company that can steal your money too. So, if you became victim of this company, please immediately report us by E-mail.



Report us about Ankit Agarwal's family

Report us about Ankit Agarwal' familyUsually, any person falls into habits and morale of own family. So we suppose that you can become victim not only of Ankit Agarwal, but any member of his family too.



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