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Beware!!! Ashford Labs and Ankit Agarwal - cheaters from India

Be very careful! The company Ashford Labs Pvt. Ltd. and a person who's name is Ankit Agarwal - both are cheaters! Ankit Agarwal announce himself as a director of Ashford Labs Pvt. Ltd.  We got numerous evidences that Ankit Agarwal and Ashford Labs Pvt. Ltd. fraud customers and steal their money!


How Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) cheats customers?

Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is scam company located as they announced in India. WReport us about scam activity of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.e got numerous evidences of fraud activity of this Indian company. We'll publish these cases here after all information will be studied.

For their scam activity Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. made a site The only goal of this site is get as maximum victims as possible.

Recently we got another kind of evidences of fraud activity of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. The fraud was brought to light by a whistle-blowing ex-employee, who said Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) created "a complicated trail of falsified records and dangerous trade practices". The dangerous, he informed us, is how Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) sell fraud drugs, where they get them for wholesale contracts and other shocking facts.

This information about wholesale contracts with fraud drugs supplied by Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) we'll be published on our site as separate article. This is terrible fact for all contactors. Just visit our site some time later for more details.

Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) in own activity stoop to anything. Below you'll find common fraud ways of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) for other kind of smaller orders.

Fraud activity

The common way used Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) to steal your money is next. They can fulfill your first several orders. The main goal is usual scams approach - to get an order on telling sum. Now you are trusting them and transfer this sum. And it is time to real scam action.

Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. at the beginning will not answer your calls or letters a week or more. They wll lie that all is OK, that they are preparing your order etc.  After that they will inform you that they send an order. But you'll do not get any approving documents for any reasons. After a weeks of waiting you'll begin call again and again, but all your messages will be ignored. No answer!

Possibly after two months you'll get a short message that they had a trouble and now all is OK and they'll reply you shortly. Do not trust that words! Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. lie as usually. This is standard behavior of fraud - to be in contact time to time with fraud victim. The goal is create an illusion that all is going OK, just some problems delay fulfill an order.

Some victims of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. fraud informed us that director Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Ankit Agarwal is so shameless liar, that said "We had a problem and now all is OK and we'll soon fulfill your order" after months later they got previous his message, that order was already sent!

If you made a mistake and already transferred money to Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. while reading current article - immediately contact with your bank to block your transfer! Also contact with your local police department as well Mumbai police department too. Provide them all documents and records that you got dealing with Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Record all conversations through the Skype or phone with Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. managers as evidences for police! Use only video calls through Skype to have video recoding of directors and managers you are contacting. No other way of contact with scammers!

Fraud drugs

How Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. fulfill first orders to entrap you? Of course, Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. lie you, when they claim that have own manufacture.

Would you like know, how they fulfill first your orders trying entrap you and get order on most possible money? Printwork is worth nothing, when you wrapping in it fraud drugs and selling it under own brands. It seems you understand how things is done.

Several our customers reported us that they got first orders from Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. in smelling musty boxes. Most packs inside them was broken. After that cases they refused order more - and it save their money!!! Because Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. definitely stiff them, when they transfer more money at one day.

Where Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. got these drugs and why they smell so hard? It seems you never was in India. Please see pictures below (click to enlarge).

This is common apothek on Indian market, where many scammers buy and sell their fraud drugs. Note that all drugs are placed on open air - no regulatory compliance!  

This is another common apothek on Indian market. Note, that there is no precautions against insects, dust, humidity etc.

Fraud certificates and documents

They use false certificates and documents. How much it cost fraud a certificate in Photoshop in India? $5 - no more. How much money will get Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) from you due those false certificates? Much-much more. Hundreds and thousands dollars. Before having deal with Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) demand from them all appropriate documents for their activity and supplied drugs. HOWEVER, NEVER TRUST them. This is just for you have evidences of their scam activity.

When you'll try confirm that licenses and certificates in appropriate official departments of India, you soon understand finally that nothing of that cannot be confirmed.

How to have deal with Ashford Laboratories?

There are several advises to ragtime Ashford Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.

  1. Never make prepayment. Never! Make contracts only on postpayment basis.
  2. Check trice all bank account details they provide you call to bank. Check history, license, phones and other details of the bank. Contact with Reserve Bank of India regarding reliability of the bank.
  3. Never trust phone numbers Ashford Laboratories Pvt.Ltd. provide you. Their partners in crime can seat an England, Philippines and everywhere, but not on address, you see on their site.
  4. Contact with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India regarding the scam of Ashford Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
  5. Keep all conversations and documents concerned with Ashford Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
  6. Record all conversations by phone or Skype with managers of Ashford Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
  7. Contact with managers of Ashford Laboratories Pvt.Ltd. using video calls through Skype to record their image and appearance.
  8. Never spend own time to visit Ashford Laboratories Pvt.Ltd. in India. You may not only lose your time, but became a victim of other common scammers tricks: false office, locally recruited persons to imitate activity etc. Instead, call their managers to your country and your office. Record all conversations - take their pictures or make survival video recordings.
  9. Remember main thing - never pay Ashford Laboratories Pvt.Ltd. in advance!
  10. Best way - have deal only with trusted companies like Cipla, Ajanta and their officical partners.

What to do now if you already transferred money

If you just found current information and already transferred money to Ashford Laboratories Pvt.Ltd., immediately contact with your bank or beneficiary bank to block transferring and return money back. If it is too late for it, immediately contact with Mumbai police department to hold Ashford Laboratories Pvt.Ltd. bank account!

Known contact details of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd . - include in your blacklist!:
31/36, 5th Floor, Dheeraj Heritage,
S. V. Road, Santacruz (West),
Mumbai (Bombay) - 400 054. India.

Tele- fax : + 91 22 6675 8866

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Report us about Ashford Labs cheats

Report us about scam activity of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) - scam company that can steal your money too. So, if you became victim of this company, please immediately report us by E-mail.



Report us about Ankit Agarwal's family

Report us about Ankit Agarwal' familyUsually, any person falls into habits and morale of own family. So we suppose that you can become victim not only of Ankit Agarwal, but any member of his family too.



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