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 Ozan Elmaci (Turkey) - scammer or not?

We don't sure that Ozan Elmaci is scammer, but he is involved in Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.'s activity. Ozan Elmaci is announced as Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India)'s sister company in Turkey. As we mentionited in other articles Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. cheats customers.

You may lose your money if you having deal with any person affilated with Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India)!

This can take place even without the privity of that person, i.e. Ozan Elmaci (Turkey). For example, he can accept your order and prepayment, that finally will be transferred to Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India)'s account. But your order will not be fulfilled by Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India). So Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India) can even set Ozan Elmaci too.

We warn you, that you shoud avoid making any business with any person or company affilated with Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India)!

Contact details of that person - include in your blacklist!:

DOA SENSE Kozmetik Sağlık Gıda San. Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. (this is affilated company of Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (India)), where Ozan Elmaci is working
Burhaniye Mh. Akşemsettin Sk. No:9/1 Altunizade - İstanbul

Tel : +90 216 55 75 300
Fax : +90 216 55 75 301

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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